In an early morning, we will pick you up at your hotel at about 8:00 – 8:30 AM. We will drive you about 45 minutes to go to the local market to buy some food to eat for lunch and some water during the tours. You can visit the local market to take some pictures or to buy some extra needed during the tours. Then we will drive again for 1 hour to the hiking point.

Start hiking at the royal project in Doi Inthanon national park (Not tween pagodas). You will hike in the deep forest, there are lots of nature surrounding. You will walk about 1 hour to reach at waterfall where you have lunch. Your lunch will be fire-rice and omelet in banana leaves.
After enjoying with you meal you will hike again in the jungle. You will walk through the garden of the local people. Then you will reach at your accommodation. You will sleep in the house of the local people ( not 5 stars ) At this place, you will have electricity, rest room and all sleeping materials.
Dinner will be local thai food and enjoy with your night.


Your breakfast will be local food as Karen style. Then prepare yourself for hiking and take some food in bamboo for your lunch.
start hiking about 9:00 AM. Today hike is a bit hard because you have to walk up to the mountains when you reach at the top, you have to cook some food in bamboo. it takes one or two hours for this cooking. Sometimes is difficult to cook if you face with the rain in the raining season. You will have great time with this cooking on the mountain.
After having lunch, you continue to walk through the jungle to the next village. It is time to walk down from the mountain in different way but it is a bit difficult, You can do it.
When you arrive, you can take a rest and have a good evening.


Your Breakfast will be local food, some fruits and coffee
Start hiking when everything is ready. You will hike through the jungle but this day is different jungle. You will walk along the mountains where you can see the highest mountain in Thailand.
Today is cooking in the leafs. We are as Karen hill tribe this cooking is famous and delicious. we will teach you how to cook and eat on the leafs.
After that you will walk and reach at the river with huge-flat stone where you can have sunbath and swimming.
Then continue to walk you will reach at the village where you are going to sleep for your third night.
Your accommodation will be in wooden house in Karen village. Dinner will be local food. At night you can have fire camp.


     We offer you the Local breakfast. You will have soft-boil rice for your breakfast and some fruits. We understand that you are changing your meal but you are in Thailand, you have to try something like local people.
     After your breakfast it will be time for hiking into the jungle. At about one hour you will reach at Karen village (No electricity)         

The guide will explain to you about the life of the people there.  You can see the different life between you and them. They have a simple life with the nature and full of happiness.
Continue to walk and you will reach at the waterfall and the beach within the jungle. You can refresh yourselves over there. You have lots of fun during your trek.
After that you have to walk for 30 minutes to the car park.

Mosquito net


Things you need to prepare
Belongings for four days
Insect spray
Toilet paper

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