Two days JUNGLE COOKING CLASS in Karen village, 100% touching the living of Karen people like in the past. We offer this tour for those who love touching the living of the local. In this tour we will offer you rice during this survivor program, for the rest of the food you and your guide have to find by yourself. We will give you all the equipment to find your food. For cooking you have to cook in bamboo.  All the things, your guide will teach you and help you. If you can’t find anything to eat, your guide will be suffering like you.

This tour is purely 100% of living in the Karen village.  We will help you to understand the way of life and how hard to live in the village. You will know a lot of things there. What kinds of leaf can you eat, vegetables, insects or animals.

When you arrive at the village, you can keep your belongings in the house. Your guide will give you the information about the history of the village and cultures activities. After that it’s a time to find some vegetables around the village for your dinner and at night you can find some frogs in the rice fields. We will give you the touch light for each person to find frog at night. So you can have some food for the next day.

every meal has to be cooked before eating. We are care about you; we don’t want you to have stomach problems during the tours because the mountains are many bacteria that you never get use with it. Even we have medicine for you but the best way is to have a good taking care of yourself.

you will be in the wooden house in the village. It is local style and simple house.

Mosquito net


Things you need to prepare
Belongings for two days
Insect spray
Toilet paper

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